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[COMMISSION] Moonlight Recon by RedRidah
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[COMMISSION] Piracy in the sun by RedRidah
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Hey! No peeking! (1/?) by RedRidah
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Just go for it already by RedRidah
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[COMMISSION] Frost Demon by RedRidah
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At the beach with Lulu by RedRidah
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Serve your queen (cropped) by RedRidah
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[COMMISSION] One dangerous lady by RedRidah
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[COMMISSION] One dangerous lady :iconredridah:RedRidah 13 3
Want to keep playing? by RedRidah
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A meeting at sundown by RedRidah
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A meeting at sundown :iconredridah:RedRidah 26 4
Akane's lost bet by RedRidah
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Akane's lost bet :iconredridah:RedRidah 16 3
Taming the Beast by RedRidah
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Taming the Beast :iconredridah:RedRidah 17 5
A slave to despair by RedRidah
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A slave to despair :iconredridah:RedRidah 13 22
[COMMISSION] Tasty Yuri by RedRidah
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[COMMISSION] Tasty Yuri :iconredridah:RedRidah 25 3
Waiting on you (1/4) (slightly censored) by RedRidah
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Waiting on you (1/4) (slightly censored) :iconredridah:RedRidah 27 6
[COMMISSION] Steamy Encounter by RedRidah
Mature content
[COMMISSION] Steamy Encounter :iconredridah:RedRidah 39 6


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! You're visiting my page. Neato! Check out my pics and stuff. Drop a comment or a message.


Requests: CLOSED
Commissions: OPEN

Basic picture price is $35 (full color/shading with a background) for 1 character, extra characters +$25 per character (male hands etc. for a pov pic cost +5$). Tentacles can count as a background and not a character.
If I really like the picture idea, the particular character or I think it'd be easy for me to draw the price can go down So hit me up and let's talk :)

WoW related commissions: -10% off the entire price (I love drawing wow pictures what can I say).

There are things that I do not wish to draw but if you are wondering what those are you can always ask or check my HF page for details :).

My artsy e-mail is

I also have a tumblr now: (very NSFW so viewer discretion is advised and all that)


There's a spicy Xayah pic uploaded. Check out my tumblr if you wanna see ^^. Sorry but it would not fly here in DA with the censorship rules :(
[COMMISSION] Moonlight Recon
Another COMM comin' at ya :).

The background was fun to draw for this one. At first I thought I'd do a kind of Japanese style encampment but decided a kind of old medieval city feel worked better.

I am finishing up my Xayah pic now. It will be on my Tumblr and HF page in a few days. (too spicy for DA I'm afraid ^o^)

The character belongs to pawcanada  , thanks for the continuous support, friend, you rock! :)
[COMMISSION] Piracy in the sun
Another COMM :). Threw in the skeleton for funzies :D

This character is an OC of pawcanada 

No skeletons will keep her away from dat booty ^^.

More stuff very close to being finished! :)
Been lazy and a bit depressed lately, meh, lots of despair... maybe I need to draw more Junko.
Hey! No peeking! (1/?)

She was getting ready for our date and I had decided to take a quick look. I haven't seen Luna naked yet. I wonder if she'll notice.

*So we finally get to go on this "date" thing. I wonder why he picked this outfit for me. Humans are so strange at times. These socks do feel comfy though... much better than the leather armor boots I'm used to.*

- H-hey! No peeking! I'm not ready yet!


Just an OC I am working on. trying to flesh her out get some art done of her. maybe a short series of pics if you guys like her. (the actual date pic is planned as the next in line and I've got some perverted ideas ^^') I plan to make a renpy game with her in the future since I've always wanted to get into hentai games.

Like and fav if you want more of her. I'd definitely appreciate it. And she would too.
Oh and there is a 2B pic in the works still and a quick BJ WoW pic too! Content a-comin'.

Your lovable smut peddler,


Just go for it already

- Just go for it already... How long are you going to have me wait here? >.<


Took some time this one but perhaps my most detailed one yet! (Those night elves just look so good)
Oh and extra surprise is coming tomorrow. If you are into that sort of thing I also drew a version of this pic with a 100% more penis. That's right, all aboard the trap train!
So if you like that stick around :P.

Next pic should be of 2B from Nier but I might do something else as well. Not sure yet. Oh and if you guys have any good male x female or female x female WoW pic ideas feel free to pitch it to me. Maybe I'll draw it if I like the idea :).

If you like the picture be sure to comment, thumbs it up fav or whathaveyou. I really like that sort of thing.

Oh and if you like here I'll return her some other time ^^.

Your pervy buddy,





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Definitely more of her coming in the future :). My fav OW character.
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